This is Us is an amazing show to watch. And the fall finale didn’t disappoint.

More than the intrigue (hello Nickolas Pearson – OMG!), did you watch how Randall’s “sales” presentation went from boring to awesome? When he began, his presentation performance was dismal despite being fully prepared. He talked too much about things that didn’t matter to his “buyers.”

Being prepared isn’t enough – whether email or verbal – to get to yes and move another person to action.
It takes communicating:
authenticity and

But that isn’t enough either.

The secret sauce is focusing on the relevant WHY of anything.

You want your client to sign before the end of the year?
Why should they want to do that? What is in it for him?
Tell them!

You want to attend a conference and need budget approval?
Why should your leader want to do that? What is in it for her?
Hint: It isn’t that YOU want to go to training.
Tell them!

The more your messaging focuses on them and the outcomes they desire the more likely you’ll be to hear “Yes, of course!”

A colleague received an email from a hotel sales associate that said (in part):
I can give you 50,000 points and elite status for a year if you book this event before December 31.

Clearly, the sales person thought this is a smoking’ deal so she can close the year strong. The problem for that sales associate is that the offer didn’t matter to my friend. In fact, her agreement with the association specifically prohibits her to accept such a deal.

To get to yes, it has to matter to them.

In sales, it’s never about the outcome you want. To get what you want, the key is being selfless in your presentation.

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