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I was on the phone with a client and we were laughing and bonding. It was especially cool because mainly we talk by email. And though we so laugh by emoji, it’s just not the same.

But how do you bond and master the relationship when the only option, because of the client’s desire/schedule, relies exclusively on email?

You can still build, grow, elevate the relationship.

Here is the simple answer:

Use your email messaging to maximize their experience. Every interaction. Every time.

That means EVERY EMAIL (every email) needs to create a caring relationship that helps the buyer envision success.

When email is the only tool, top achievers use it strategically and smartly.

They have a conversation that is never simply a transactional response but a response that elevates the conversation and helps the client to be at their best.

Your client asks you if you can do X. Which email response will you provide?

Hi Name,
Yes. I’ll add it to the concessions in the agreement.


Hi Name,
Yes! It’s a great idea that will add surprise and delight.

Consider it done (and added to the agreement under inclusions).

Your event is going to be so awesome!

If you chose the first example, this blog isn’t for you! Or maybe it’s especially for you!

The second example is fun, personable, demonstrates care and helps the buyer feel smart.

Email may not be the best tool but it’s up to you to make the most of everything you write.

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