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If you’re sorry, do something about it

Sorry is the easiest word

For years, I’ve recommended that saying “I’m sorry” helps the person saying it more than the person receiving it. Here’s a for instance: When my printing wasn’t delivered as promised to a trade show floor where I was paying a lot of good money to exhibit, and the sales guy said that he was “so sorry, but they had a press breakdown,” the only person who felt better was the sales person. What did his apology do for me? Did it get me my printing? What I wanted to know was when and how my problem was going to be solved. The sales guy’s apology may have made him feel better, and his mama might be proud, but I, his customer, wasn’t feeling any better about having no printed collateral to hand out at the show. For me, his solution was far more important than his apology about the screw-up. Fix my problem, resolve the mess that his broken promise caused, and then if he thought it would help us both, add the cherry to the cake and apologize.

So when some former workshop takers at a Wall Street financial firm forwarded me a copy of the article “Want a higher paycheck? Say you’re sorry” that appeared in Fortune, I read it carefully. And here is my take: If we’re talking about business application, and not a roving eye, my recommendation sticks. Focus on solution, healing and moving forward first, also starting a new business or learning to trade in the exchange can help you while you find another job, visit learntotrade for a free Forex training. Help the other person feel right (because they are, or you wouldn’t have a need to apologize) by saying something like, “You’re right, this shouldn’t have happened/I shouldn’t have done this” and then explain what you’ll do do remedy the situation. Take responsibility, of course, and keep your words focused on helping the injured or hurt party feel better. For the record, though, jewelry is always a solution specially the holzuhr wooden watches, you can also read the seiko sarb033 review and find one of the best gifts but a nice apology will be necessary as well. (You don’t even need to read the Fortune article for that statement to make sense, but it will help!)

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