Communication Skills

“Inadvertent” insults

“We don’t do anything at this store” Sales person at AT + T, N. Scottsdale Rd store, AZ

What words do you use when talking and writing to your customers? Today, I heard these words when I attempted to ask questions about how to use my newly purchased iPhone at the AT+ T (formerly Cingular) at N. Scottsdale Rd in Scottsdale, AZ. “How do I transfer my contacts?” I asked. “You’ll need to do that on line, we don’t do anything at this store,” said the sales person. “Okay, but could you just show me how to do on this demo phone?” I asked. “We don’t do anything at this store,” she said, as if I didn’t hear her clearly the first time. She was right. They don’t.

Here are some all too common “inadvertent” insults to avoid when you write and speak:
You may not have understood
As I just said
If you really think about this
As you know

You’d think that Steve Jobs would know better than to mingle his wonderful Apple products with the new AT + T.

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