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Ya’ gotta love analytics! A new client, using email analytics, discovered the customer-facing team is drowning in email!

Every team is drowning in email! It doesn’t take analytics! Email breeds like rabbits! Write one and get two-three back.

CC-ing is often the culprit.
CC: Carbon Copy, or for anyone who has never seen a piece of carbon paper and why should you! (Courtesy Copy.)

Yes, of course, use CC if someone asks you to. Or everyone copied has to take an action or they really, really need to know what you have to say.

Beyond those reasons, consider the interesting psychology behind the need to CC:

Writers CC because they are:
•scared (Will the boss know I did this? Will the boss know I (capital, bolded) did this? Will that creepy colleague claim they never got this?)
•wanting positive reinforcement (Good job!)
•just doing what s/he or everyone always does (If everyone jumped off the Empire State building….).

If you had to put a .55USD stamp (and you had to pay for each stamp) for every person you include on your copy list, how many recipients would you knock off right away?

Instead of being scared, be bold!

Plan to talk about the issue at your next meeting instead of sending a gazillion emails – and still talking about it at your next meeting.

And my favorite email etiquette tip:
Address your email to every person on your copy line. Do you really have a message important to all of them? Really? Ego check, please!

Before you go…

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