The bank robber walked into the bank, demanding $2,000 or he’d blow up the bank.

The bank manager was at the teller’s window, taken aback by the ask.

“Exactly $2,000? Why?”

“I promised to get my friend $2,000 today so he won’t be evicted,”

“Oh! You don’t need to rob a bank for that. You just need a loan. Let’s get the paperwork started.”

Now THAT is being customer-centric.

This is not:
Thanks for your interest in the XYZ Hotel. We would be delighted to have the opportunity to host the ABC event at our beautiful and conveniently located property. With our 12,000 foot spa, recently renovated, and our 20,000 feet of meeting space, our hotel is the perfect fit for your event.

Excuse me while I get sick.

Here’s the thing: The writer truly thought she was being customer-centric. She thought she was writing about the ABC event!


The customer – not your hotel, destination, product or service – is the center of the universe.

Make them feel anything less than that – the center of your universe – and you’re robbing yourself (and them, too).

Can you revise that self-absorbed email opener?

You can if you take just a few seconds to research their website or their social media feed, or even if you use your own knowledge-base.
What matters to the ABC company?

Is it innovation, creativity, friendliness, social good, service, sustainability? Go look. It’s right there on their website.

Connect what you offer to their values and mission.

If you’re the planner for ABC and sustainability is a key driver and initiative, and you receive this, what will your likely reaction be?

Hi Name,
What a great decision to consider XYZ Hotel! Like ABC, our team is also dedicated to creative solutions to ensure sustainability and reduce our environmental footprint. You can count on incorporating sustainability practices into all aspects of your programming whether your guests are relaxing in our amazing spa or fully engaged in learning.

Mic drop.

How will you stop stealing from yourself and tailor your message for them?

Before you go…

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