Presentation Mastery

Kenneth Brown’s Design Rule for Presentation Success

OMG. I may be the only person on the planet who hadn’t heard of Kenneth Brown, but now that I heard him speak this morning, I’m in love. Not like that. I just want to maybe take him home to listen to his stories (of which he rarely made himself the hero). He is adorable, clever, funny, young and smart (and most likely on a different team). He broke every speaking rule in the house and was awesome. No one left the room even though he spoke about 20 minutes longer than scheduled. When he asked for questions, there were plenty. When he finished, we were sad. He was charming.

The best take-away from listening to him? He said he learned that he had to be enthusiastic on HGTV because “if you’re not full of energy, people start changing channels.”

Exactly. Quiet energy or the loud kind, but energy is the difference between boredom and bewilderment.

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