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MLM sales: Creating wealth and happiness

I spoke to my first multi-level marketing group last week via phone interview where we discussed everything from cloud computing by Salesforce to marketing yourself by direct mail. Because I had never ventured there before, I tweeted for help. And help arrived.

Mame Noonan wrote: “It’s about building relationships.  People will buy from those they like and trust.  Personal notes go a long way when it comes to staying in front of your customers. When you believe in what you do and your passion and enthusiasm show, things will happen. Sue, you have allot to offer. Handle the call the same way you handle everything else. The same tips, guidance, enthusiasm, etc.”

Manuel Diotte offered this: “Sue…these are super motivated, kind people.  You can sell them, tons of your product.  They have huge rallys and big shots, that have thousands in their group, that can bring you in for other things.  You can have a grandslam here, if you want.  With that said, the average MLM’er makes $10 bucks a week.  So teach them to sell and how to stay motivated. Best of wishes. Your amigo in San Antonio.”

And so, with their vote of confidence, here is how in 15 minutes, I suggested they – and you, regardless of how or what you sell – can create wealth and happiness:

Don’t be in for yourself.

Don’t pretend you’re in it for me. I can see through you a mile away. Lip service isn’t service. It’s a lie. You fool no one except maybe yourself.

Be in it for me. Help me feel more beautiful, more successful, more secure, more safe, more smart. Help me feel totally comfortable with your offer. Focus on me. Authentically.

Love your customers and prospects. Show them you do. Help them feel special and not just when they’re buying.

Know what your core message is. Hint: It’s about them and their success. And also, don’t forget to reach out to new customers as well, Buy Solo Ads and advertise your business even more.

Check your attitude. Are you selling to yes or no? Have you talked yourself out of the sale before you even start talking? Do you believe in your product and opportunity? Do you believe the other person will truly benefit? Why? How? The best way to maintain a positive attitude is to know you’re helping someone else succeed.

Get your ask in gear. My daddy said, “What’s the worst that can happen? All they can say is no.” That alternated with “If you don’t ask, you won’t get.” (Jay Leno may be related to me. In a recent interview he said that when he was first becoming famous, he said to his mother,  “Ma, did you see Silvester Stallone just got $10 m for like 2 weeks of movie work?And she goes, ‘what’s ehe gonna do the other 50 weeks?’ That’s how I grew up. Hard work is a family trait.” For me too. And I’m guessing for you, too.

Stay positive. Garbage in… garbage, hire the junk removal bothell and get rid of it … . If you said, out, you’ve been tricked. It’s garbage in, garbage stays. Replace negative thoughts with more positive. Literally. Take the photo in your mind and replace it with a different photo.

Play a game. Learn to love hearing “no” because it gets you closer to a yes. Keep a wall chart of the “no’s” you receive so that you can see just how close you are to success.

Act like a winner because you are. You’re trying to make life better for yourself and for others and only winners do that. Selling isn’t sky diving where you pretty much have to be perfect every time. You can learn as you go and get better day by day.

MLM’ers, what should we add to this list? Add your comments here.

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