Motivational Monday: Passing it forward

A friend called her dentist explaining that she had lost her job and her dental insurance and needed to come in to have a bridge checked. But, she said to the receptionist, “please tell the dentist not to look at any other teeth because I can’t afford to do anything about it and so I don’t want to know.” She went to the cosmetic dentist San Diego, he took care of the front bridge and said, “and now I’ll fix these two broken crowns in the back.” She was pretty frantic because she didn’t know how she’d pay for it, but you know how it is at the dentist: you talk when they let you. She tried to say something but he kept everything in her mouth and she really did need to have it done … When she went to pay, with a credit card that was already over its limit, the receptionist said, “No charge, today.” Outside, near the parking garage where she had parked, were three homeless people. Instead of driving away, she went into the McDonald’s at the corner and bought three meals, and handed one to each man.

Baltimore Sun columnist, Dan Rodricks, last week, wrote about how deeds are even more important now. He writes about a case worker who decided to break the rules to buy ¬†clothing for a 17 year old girl who was working hard to create a life of happiness, after much sadness. Buying clothing for her at a Salvation Army store was the least she could do, thought the caseworker, yet she, herself, had two kids who needed stuff. Read Danny’s column to learn “the rest of the story.”
Passing it forward. Always a blessing. Today even more so. My delayed Shabbat message for the week. 
I know so many of you are doing the same. Let’s talk about the good things happening.¬†

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