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You know that emoji that shows steam coming from the nose, eyes closed, brows scrunched?

That is exactly how I’m feeling right now because bad sales email misinformation is being offered from a company that offers awesome products but outdated training. And some of you will waste your time applying what they suggest and then wonder why you aren’t getting results. Worse, no results will likely cause you to get down on yourself when it truly isn’t you! It’s them.

Let’s start with their template and by the end of this (long) post, you’ll know how you can improve your sales performance:

This is NOT a template you want to copy:

Hi Poodle,
My name is Sophie, and we met briefly at <Meeting place> last week. I hope you enjoyed the rest of the event.
In my role at ABC, I help educate potential buyers about the benefits of working together. Though we’re located in Scottsdale, AZ, these collaborations can occur 24/7 anywhere in the world. It is a very exciting new tool and I’m proud to be a part of this growing company.
Do you have time to hop on a call this week and discuss more details and possibly provide me with an introduction to some others in your network?

Is your head exploding too?
• Poodle met lots and lots of people last week. Surely this first line can be personalized to help her remember you.
• “I hope you enjoyed the rest of the event.” The correct word is “hopeful” not “hope” (hopeful = full of hope/optimistic; hope = wish). More (in case you were never an English teacher and the wrong word doesn’t bother you as much as it bothers me!), the sentence doesn’t add even one tiny shred of substance to the email.
• Sophie’s honesty about what her job responsibility is admirable but is there anything in that paragraph about me, the prospect, and how I might benefit? Facts don’t create action.
• “Hop on a call”? Do I look like a bunny rabbit? No, I don’t want to hop on a call this week or any week! Is there any compelling reason for me to want to hop?
• The worst part is saved for last: “and possibly provide me with an introduction to some others.” Let me understand. We met briefly though clearly not memorably last week. You know nothing about me but you want me to agree to hop on to a call that is likely going to waste 15 or 30 minutes that I will never get back and not get anything from while you talk more about what you and your company do. Uh, no.

Hmmm. Maybe it’s the “hot face” emoji I really should use. Why? Because too many people will believe this “recommended” template is an effective approach to engaging prospects and grow business. It hurts my heart to think that dedicated sellers will wonder why they aren’t getting results from this “increase your success” template. Please don’t use it.

My rant is officially over.

Here are 3 tips you can take to the bank to use email to network and accelerate email sales success.
1. One step at a time.
What is your networking sales strategy? Are you leaping (kind of like hop but with more enthusiasm!) into a huge next step like asking for an intro to others, a meeting, even time on the phone when you haven’t yet built trust? Give them something first because no one likes or trusts a taker.

Slooooooow down! Contribute to their success!

Thinking about the example, how could you provide Poodle with content to give her a reason to like and trust you? Why was Poodle at the conference and what connections or information (note sharing?) could you provide to help her first before your ask? Start small. One easy step at a time.

2. Connect the dots
How will what your business does help the other person? The fact that you offer collaboration “24/7 anywhere in the world” might be really helpful to your potential client but don’t make them work to connect your dots. Instead of spewing info about what you do, make it about your prospect instead.

3. Get creative.
Perhaps the only less interesting opening after “How are you today?” is “My name is”.
Start with something fun, interesting, exciting, emotionally pleasing.

Here are some thought starters for you:
Wow! Wasn’t <Name of meeting> amazing?
How great it was to meet you at <Meeting>!
I’m still laughing about your comment in the general session! You were spot on!
Are you still buzzing from <Meeting>? It just felt so good to be together – and wear heels again!

Maybe the best tip of all: When you’ve had the opportunity to meet someone, please send an email that reflects that opportunity and your personality.

In an increasingly competitive market, watch YOUR win ratios sky rocket!

Before you go—
The whirlwind is behind us and the future is bright! With two-thirds of buyers preferring remote interactions – digital and virtual – polishing your email selling skills is key to dramatically improving sales.

It’s time to stop sending email after email only to be ignored! You can write quick, strategic, smart messages that get results and drive sales!

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