In less time than you have now spent reading this post, your prospect decides if s/he will read, delete or archive your message. 

If you read, Immediately boost prospecting success with this tip, you already know how to quickly, honestly and respectfully gain attention.

The next challenge is retaining their interest and building desire.

The absolute best way to do that is to respectfully excite them about their potential success. 

Instead of including your credentials or even your name (they know where to locate your signature line), paint a picture of what matters to them.

Explaining the next step follows but that action won’t happen if you haven’t earned the right to make your ask.

Spend time thinking about what is in it for them to want more information from you, or give up their time for a phone call.

Craft a concise, emotionally appealing reason for them.

Prospecting is easy when you focus on your buyer rather than on what you do or what you want. If you need resources for investment sell my timeshare is one thing you can do to generate income.

No one – NO ONE – likes a pushy, aggressive, uncaring salesperson.

Sales are built on likeability not treating buyers like their fools. Eliminate every word from your messaging that feels fake, are negative or otherwise diminish the buyer.

Soften your message, yet maintain control, with phrasing like:

  • Imagine your participants…
  • When the time is right…
  • When you’re looking for X, we may have the perfect solution to impress and delight your participants/travelers/guests.
  • Sophie Spaniel thought you also might be interested in collaborating with an experienced, passionate team who can save you time planning and delivering a winning event.

Show buyers respect, authenticity and care. Make their buying journey easy and watch your sales increase.

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