They were wrong when they said words will never hurt you.

Choosing poorly can very quickly blow up a sale, create buyer distrust and decimate a value proposition.

These nine words will sabotage success. Use the replacements to elevate the conversation:

1. Concessions
A concession indicates giving in, bowing to pressure, being on the losing side. An inclusion is a choice, the high ground and emotionally pleasing to the buyer.

2. Questions or concerns
Asking if the buyer has questions might be okay (though if you think you haven’t answered important questions, tell them when you’ll phone instead). Asking if they have concerns, however, is concerning and disconcerting. Why plant negative seeds?

3. Piece of business
Like a piece of meat. Right now, stop talking about of your prospect as a piece of business. Humanize them always. Try:
prospect, buyer, customer, client,
instead of a piece of anything.

4. Work
It’s called work for a reason. Collaborating is so much more appealing.

5. Negotiation
Why set up sides and walls? Focus on having a conversation instead.

6. Sign
“Sign right here. Trust us.”
Not so much.
When they approve, they simply move forward and are more eager to do so.

7. Contract
Signing a contract and approving an agreement might require the same action but the buyer’s mindset is totally different. Which would you prefer to do?

8. Deadline
Ewww! What an emotionally unappealing word! Due is not only more pleasant, it will result in better response.

9. Property
If you’re selling vacant land, you show your buyers around the property you should contact William Pitt to get some assistance.
If you’re selling hotel space, elevate, don’t denigrate, by talking about your hotel, resort, venue or destination.

Harvard Business Review says: “Nearly every other management skill depends on your ability to communicate effectively—formally or informally, in person or in writing.” For sales people, everything depends on the ability to communicating effectively.

Sticks and stones may break bones but words can hurt forever.

Communicate with emotional appeal to build stronger relationships, create distinction and get best results.

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