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Offer risk free buying: Why even Girl Scout cookies need lift

By February 26, 2009 No Comments

It’s harder than ever to get noticed. People who may have been open to your whiz-bangy options last year now find it safer to stay with what they know. Less whiz- bangy, but safe. Familiar. Risk-free. Comfortable.

What can you do to get them to sit up and notice you? Appeal to them as thoughtful consumers. Help them (authentically and ethically) feel smart and safe about making a change. It’s more than price; it’s value and it’s the value that matters to them. (Your lowest price may not be able to compete with a competitor that helps them feel safe and smart, and ensures they’ll meet their own customers’ objectives¬† – even at triple the pricing.)

Make it risk-free. Offer money-back guarantees. Offer BOGO (buy one, get one). Make the offer so easy that working with you feels so natural – as comfortable as working with their present supplier – that it’s simple and seamless to shift allliances.

I’ve started offering money-back guarantees on the sales training I provide to woo new customers to work with me. I’ve added BOGO to my exclusive ezine list and my next teleseminar is almost sold-out. I’m not bragging… I’m telling you that I didn’t make this stuff up, and it works.

Even the Girl Scouts get it. Today, walking into my local Safeway, there was an adorable 10 year old offering free samples of Thin Mints. Free samples?! After that how do you not buy?

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