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One prospecting tip to kick off the New Year

Welcome to 2014! If you’re still using the same “script” that worked for you a few years ago, you’re probably feeling a bit frustrated. So chuck it and start the year fresh.

Your tip for the New Year: Be real.

Be your best self.

Trying to “pull one over” not only doesn’t work, but it ruins reputations.

If you haven’t yet entertained yourself by checking out to see the photos hotels post of their features and amenities and then those that Oyster shares from the exact angle as the original, deprive yourself no longer!

Most of us can smell a fake a mile away and if we don’t, and we’re suckered in, beware! We don’t seethe quietly any longer; we tell everyone we know on every possible platform.

Tonight, I received a solicitation call (at 8:30p) and the guy started with:

Hello Ms. Hershkowitz (mispronounced, of course), this is Seth calling back

I stopped him right there.

Me: Seth, you’re calling me back? When did we speak before?

Him: Click.

Was he just hopeful that if he made enough calls someone would be stupid enough to fall for his ruse? What a frustrating, disrespectful way to sell! It’s no wonder we’re all looked at like The Wolf of Wall Street!

People do business with people they like and trust and those decisions are made on a gut level and instantaneously. Being disingenuous is the absolute quickest way to ensure no trust and no sale.

Try being your best self, instead. Tell your prospect –concisely and with a message that revolves around them – why you’re calling. Begin with the truth such as:

Your name was given to me because you might have an interest in ……

Whether in email, on the phone or face to face,

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