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Subject: Is now a bad time?

Likely, you already know what I’m going to say: The subject line sucks.

It’s negative. Self-sabotaging. Depressing!

More, Georgetown professor, Christine Porath, found “the mere exposure” to negative words can impact customers and colleagues abilities “to process information and perform up to standards.”

Our choice of negative words actually impacts our well-being, and that of our recipients, too.

The simple tip to ensure your emails get action? Elevate the email. Find a way to make the other person feel right and smart.

Let’s say your client, business partner or colleague emails saying, “The sun will never shine again!”

You can ignore them, tell them they’re wrong because it will, or find a way to make them feel smart.

You’re right, it does feel like the sun will never shine again.

You’re right, it feels soooo long since we’ve seen the sun!

Thanks for letting me know how you feel. (You can stop there or add either of the above sentences.)

The more you ensure the other person feels smart, the more likable you become and the more likely you are to enable a productive and positive business conversation.

Caveat: Be authentic.

If your client emails, “The pipe and draping are all wrong!” and it is exactly to spec, you aren’t going to call/email/text and say “You’re right.”

How can you help them feel right or smart? What would you say to take care of them emotionally and transactionally?

Please post your responses.

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