Presentation Mastery

Presentation Mastery: Billy Mays and the Story

Before Billy Mays, there was another great pitchman. True, it was years ago and in a galaxy far-away, but if you’re from the New York region, you may remember a guy named Jerry. Jerry sold appliances and the TV commercials would start with a Brooklyn-ese off stage voice, asking Jerry, ‘What’s the stawr(rhymes with cawfee!), Jerry?”  Jerry would rant about his great deals, then throw his hands in the air and say, with an accent that only a New Yawker could love, “And  that’s the stawry!” The “stawry” moved appliances.

According to USAToday, the first question Mays would ask when deciding if he’d pitch a product was, “Is it demonstratable?” And that’s the story. 
To be more persuasive, whatever you’re pitching, tell yours. Create an experience for your listener that can’t be duplicated by your competitors and will be remembered by your customers.
What’s your story and how can it be demonstrated?  
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