Selling Skills

Prospecting Isn’t Brain Surgery – but it does require brains!

Caller id didn’t and so I answered the phone, “Hi, this is Sue.” She says, Hi, This is Name Name with American Insurance and we had insured you and I was wondering if I could requote for you.”

With that authentic opening (other than not using my name since I gave it to her), I thought she deserved the right to re-quote. But out of my mouth came, “Thanks but my husband and I are happy with State Farm.”

And she folds like a house of cards. “Oh,” she says despondently. “Okay, thank you.”

I felt like saying, “Wait. Don’t give up like that. You have my interest. Handle my objection.” But I didn’t. I hung up and decided to post this so that you won’t give up.

What could she have said that would have engaged me, continued the conversation and led to a requote? What would you say?

Answers tomorrow.

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