Communication Skills

Results or Disrespect? It’s your choice

In Cabo, without a camera. If I had one you’d see a stop sign (alto) and then you’d see another stop sign, identical, except that under alto is another smaller sign that says Total. So, stop no longer means stop.

We teach people not to do what we ask. An 8:00am meeting starts at 8:10am because that’s when most people arrive. An email states that all forms must be turned in by noon on Friday, and a follow-up email goes out Monday reminding people to send in the forms. A parent who threatens to count to 3, and then counts to 3, 3 times.

Ask for what you want. Expect it to happen. Provide benefits when it does and consequences if it doesn’t. When we don’t get the results we want, it’s often because we didn’t expect to in the first place.

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