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Presentation and Selling Mastery: Sell to yes!

When you pick up the phone, write the email, make the presentation, meet at the trade show booth, are you expecting to hear “Yes” or not? Check your attitude. Almost always, we get what we believe we deserve to get. Perfect your sales pitch by thinking about the solutions you have to help the other person gain success. 

When I started my business, I took the last $125 I had budgeted for my business and joined the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. I was sick to my stomach as I wrote the check but was determined to get my money’s worth. I decided to find a way to look like I had a ton of money, which meant going over my credit card limit to buy a beautiful brown tweed suit (with threads of bright blue) and great high heels. One suit. One pair of shoes. I did my best to make it look different but I felt like a million bucks in it. And I wore it to remind myself that I wasn’t desperate (yet) and that I’d be doing them a service when they hired me. I knew… absolutely knew that if someone gave me a chance, they’d be so happy, they’d hire me again. 

It was (at the time) Valley National Bank (Bank One, now Chase) that hired me and yes, it was because of a contact I met at a Phoenix Chamber meeting in my great suit and shoes. I can’t remember his name (but want to know more about the suit?) and only remember that he told me who to call, and to use his name to get the interview. (What he didn’t know was that I had already called that person but had used my own name which didn’t get me very far.) Once I booked a series of training sessions for Valley Bank, I approached the Phoenix Newspapers. “Well, if they hired you, you must be pretty good,” said the guy in HR, who hired me to train his team. And every single presentation I’ve ever given can be tracked back to that… 

Prospects and customers can smell desperation a mile away. Don’t gamble with the sale by thinking negatively. It’s a new day. It’s a new client. Look like a winner. Help them win. Conquer your world.

Sell to yes!

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