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Selling Skills

Selling skills: 3 simple ways to start a sales letter

Imagine your prospects and customers smiling as they read your email. Picture them writing a reply that says, “Yes. This sounds great. Please call me.”

Sound too good to be true? It doesn’t have to be. You can create email messages that sell. Here are 3 ways to start your winning message:
1. Invoke their imagination
There are few words more effective than “imagine” and “picture this.”  This simple start draws the reader in. (Re-read the first few words of this blog post.) 
2. Use social proof
Begin with a testimonial. Follow the quote with the truth – something like: “Your attendees will thank you too.” 
3. You count. I don’t.
Start with the word “you” or “your.” Keep “I” and your company name out of it. (Challenge yourself: Write 3 sentences without the word “I.”)
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