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Selling Skills

Selling Skills: Profit from the presumptive close

Who knew that Michael Crow was such a great salesperson? As an ASU Alumnus (MC – 1978), it’s hard right now to give him credit for anything (No honor, Mr. President), especially since I do not have tickets for Obama’s graduation speech, Wednesday night. (I am willing to beg, however, in case you snagged a ticket or two.) 

Here is what Crow wrote to President Obama on March 12, according to The Arizona Republic, May 11: “As president of Arizona State University, it is my distinct pleasure to inform you that the university has selected you as our 2009 commencement speaker.” Had he (Obama) said yes, yet? 

I love that presumptive close. I’m changing what I say (“When the time is right, I’m looking forward to energizing your team and giving them new tools to communicate more persuasively”) to: I’m looking forward to helping your team sell more.

If Crow can do it, I surely can.

What will you change?

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