McKinsey research confirmed what every seller intuitively already knew: “Two-thirds of buyers prefer remote interactions with suppliers.”

Even for big ticket items over $500,000, 20% of B2B buyers are happy to rely on virtual/digital sales model. And, if your price point is over a million? No problemo. More than 1/10 of your buyers never need to see you to buy what you’re selling.

So what do they need? Trust, assurance, confidence.

They need to feel confident that what you say is true and be able to envision themselves satisfied (or better) with their outcomes from your solutions.

How do you convey that?

Every interaction – virtual and digital – depends on the words you use. Simply changing your messaging changes everything.

Focus on authentic, brain-friendly, confidence building words. Make your messaging as intimate (but not familiar) as in-person conversation and presentation.

The more your emails and presentations offer an equivalent level of respect, care and insight – the same feelings buyers experience F2F – the easier you make it for your buyer to say, “Yes, please” to your offer.

Email has been hugely important as a prospecting and nurturing tool and now, as a closing tool, too.

Beyond rates, dates and space, beyond whatever features and even benefits your unique offering offers, it’s about conveying and creating trust, assurance and confidence.

When you choose words that put buyers at ease, and excite them about possibilities, you can count on moving to the next level of sales success.

The right words give you the strongest competitive advantage.

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