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Thank someone today

By December 13, 2007No Comments

Tom Peters, some years ago, said he could track eventual financial worth by the number of thank you notes a person wrote. His message, geared to successful business leaders was this: Look for things that people do well and thank them. It doesn’t matter if it’s their job. Everyone appreciates being appreciated and the act of focusing on things to be thankful for increases your appreciation – and worth.How often I mean to handwrite notes! I usually manage an email thank you – and yes, they are (barely) acceptable – but there is nothing more appreciated than a handwritten note.BusterI’m thinking about this today because I realize how quickly people you mean to thank might not be there to thank. No, I didn’t lose a person close to me (thankfully), but I did lose my sweet dog-child, Buster, the one I wrote about last week. Within 12 hours, he died of a cancerous tumor that ruptured, that had formed without us knowing. One minute he was fine and the next he was gone.Did I thank him enough for the blessings he brought to our life? I hope so. But I realize that that road of good intentions is pretty much meaningless, unless we take action and do something. So, whether it’s business or personal, write someone a thank you note today. For Buster.

  • Tips for writing great thank you notes:
  • Make them personal. Even business notes. Especially after a job interview.
  • Tell them how they helped you.
  • Don’t ask for anything in the same note. If you want them to complete a survey, send a separate note.
  • Keep them short and to the point. Check out Copyblogger for more great tips.

Have you received a thank you note that made a difference in your life? Have you written one that not only made someone feel appreciated but yielded great results for you? Start the conversation here.Photo by Wood Sabold, friend and fine art photographer. He prefers landscapes to moving objects, but he did a beautiful job capturing our sweet Buster.

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