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The 5 most important things clients look for…

Michelle Wood, Senior Sales Manager at Hilton Garden Inn Orlando at SeaWorld International Center, asked her LinkedIn community a great question: “What are the top 5 things you find the client is looking for?”

Michelle, herself, thought these 5 things important:
Clients look for:
1. Someone who listens, really listens and understands what they want.
2. Someone they can trust.
3. Value: a price they can afford for the desired product or service.
4. Answers/Referrals for additional services needed.
5. Someone to call next time they have a project that they know will help.

Jiang Nan, Director of Ops, listed four points:
1. value for money, comoparatively cheap
2. service, being there when they wanted you
3. listener, someone to talk to, complaint to, yell at..
4. Friends, not too close but neither a stranger
5. Style, knowing that coming here places them above average.

And here are my top five:
1. help the customer feel smart and safe about their choice
2. care about the clients’ success more than making a sale
3. are excited about coming up with creative ideas to solve customer challenges
4. are easily accessible and communicate responsively
5. do what they say they’re going to do, when they say they’ll do it

What do you think are the 5 top things clients look for? (Can you come up with five?)

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