Communication Skills

The best way to improve service

Caller ID said: US Government. Was Obama tapping me for VP? Did he hear about how great my presentation skills classes are and he wanted to improve? Was it John Edwards asking if I’d coach him on handling a difficult situation?

It was TSA. They were asking permission to publish my March post about their excellent service. The TSA woman was so thankful that I had actually noticed how well they do their jobs.

I was delighted to say yes, yes, yes. Actually, she made my day with her delight that I was delighted!

And that got me thinking.

How many people do their jobs, in fact, above and beyond, and don’t get shown appreciation for their efforts? How many people take care of us, while they do their job of taking care of us?

Do someone a favor today and take notice of what a great job they’re doing for you. Then, tell them. And their supervisors. You’ll most likely make their day. And it may even make yours.

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