It’s 3 A.M. – Are You Checking Your Email Again?

The 4th Annual Email Addiction Survey was released by AOL and the Opinion Research Corporation and guess what? We’re addicted. And if you live in these cities, in this order, you more addicted than the average Jane.

1. New York
2. Houston
3. Chicago
4. Detroit
5. San Francisco
6. Sacramento
7. Orlando
8. Minneapolis-St. Paul
9. Denver
10. Phoenix

I’m thinking that Scottsdale, where I live, must be rolled into the more general Phoenix area. Or maybe I’m more addicted when traveling through Phoenix metro area, but I digress.

Only 15% of respondents admitted to being addicted last year. Wait for this now… in 2008, 46% of us are admitting to it.

Oh. There’s more. AOL claims that we check email:

In bed in their pajamas: 67%
From the bathroom: 59% (up from 53% last year)
While driving: 50% (up from 37% last year)
In a bar or club: 39%
In a business meeting: 38%
During happy hour: 34%
While on a date: 25%
From church: 15% (up from 12% last year)

The funniest part of all this is that last year at a meeting, a “renowned” speaker pompously stated that “email is dead.” Made for great theater and buzz, including a wonderful discussion in my workshop on Email Etiquette at that meeting. But saying email is dead is about as far from the truth as “Mission accomplished.”

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