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Communication Skills

The essence of success

By December 14, 2008No Comments

“Becoming the reader is the essence of becoming a writer.”  — John O’Hara

Becoming the other person, seeing your need from the other person’s perspective, is the key to success in any endeavor. Whether you’re crafting a presentation,  writing an email, teaching a history lesson, or talking with your soul mate, the most selfless and selfish thing you can do, is present your message – and your need –  in terms of theirs.

Become your customer. Before you send the next email, picture yourself sitting in the chair of your recipient. How could she interpret it? Before you leave the next voice message, think not so much about how you would feel if you received it, but how your recipient will feel hearing it. Before your next presentation, consider what they need to know, not what you want to teach. Becoming the other person is the essence of success.

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