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Change the world: One post at a time

Who have you thanked today?

Twice now, without my having any idea of how it happened, I’ve been able to impact someone else’s life, just by saying thank you. They did something for me and it turned out that I was able to do something in return. How cool is that.

First it was TSA. Then it was Luisa at the JW Marriott Cancun. Turns out that because they read the post, she was invited to meet with the hotel’s GM. Here is what Marina Colunga wrote to me:

Dear Ms. Sue

This is only a quick note to let you know that, after we saw your kindly blog about Luisa, we take advantage of that great feedback ,and this morning she was invited to our executive meeting to share with her your blog, and to receive a special recognition from our general manager.

We do agree with you on the fact that she is a great asset to our company ,and as you know the Marriott philosophy was build around the fact that if you take care of your associates, they will take care of our guest and we are very proud of her efforts.

Thank you some much for your preference, we look forward to see you soon in Cancun again!

Best Regards.

And then, Luisa, posted a note on the blog. See her comment here.

Feeling like holiday celebration? Thank someone. You just may make their day – and your own. It’s an amazing way to change the world!

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