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When I was just starting out as a speaker and trainer, I joined a speakers’ association to learn from the best. It was awe inspiring to be around people who genuinely wanted you to be the best you.


I learned a lot from them – more than I can ever pay forward. But I may have learned more from those who wanted to remake me in their image.


So here is the best, most important tip I can give you:

Trust yourself. Be yourself.

Run, do not walk, from people who focus on what you shouldn’t do or be.

You should be YOU. Your best you!

One “esteemed” colleague told me “you will never make it with that NY accent”. So I tried ditching it which not only wasn’t easy, it wasn’t me. Audiences hated me because they knew I was a fake. Worse though was that I hated me because I wasn’t me.

You’ll make it by being your best self. Let your uniqueness show.

It’s okay if they know you’re nervous, because then they know you care. Show your credibility by speaking to what matters to them, and as Johnny Carson said, “Once they love you, you can get away with murder.”

Be yourself and they will love you.



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