Sell a Sense of Place for More Sales

When I landed in New Zealand yesterday on my way to Sydney, I phoned home to say “Kia Ora” to my husband. Three hours later, I called to wish him a “G’day mate!” Last week, working with the Meet Hawaii, I was saying “Aloha” and “Mahalo” as if I was privileged to be of Hawaiian descent.

In an attempt to provide a consistent luxury product, some of the fun of being in a place is lost. Everything turns into the Stepford wives. Bring back the fun and joy. It’s not unprofessional for an email to begin with:

G’day Mate!  Hello from beautiful Sydney!

Thank you for considering our gorgeous city for your next event. You can count on a brilliant Sydney welcome when you visit …

When appealing to international visitors, start and end with an immediate sense of place. It creates immediate emotional appeal and charm and differentiates you from those who prefer consistency over authenticity.

Do you agree?

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