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If you sell luxury products, it’s likely that you want to delight your customers. The trouble with “delight” as a strategy is twofold:

1.It’s a slippery slope. What you do today becomes an expectation and exceeding that becomes either unreasonably expensive or unreasonable. (Once you’re sent the teddy bear on the trip around the world and returned it to the waiting child and her grateful parents with the autographs of every famous person in the world and blessed by the Pope, what will you do next?)

2. Too many salespeople misunderstand the directive and think they need to concede more and lower prices so that they don’t have to say no to their valued customer/client/guest.

What affluent buyers want today isn’t an extraordinary buying process but a dependable one. That’s what delights them.

How emotionally appealing are your communications with your prospect?

Do you focus on the selling experience or the customer’s buying experience?

Do you try to trick them into advancing to the next step with out dated sales strategies (Benjamin Franklin close anyone?!) or guide the to the very best choice for their needs (which may be your most exclusive, expensive package or your standard product)?

Do you help them envision their successful outcome or do you stop at benefits?

Do you align your messaging with their key drivers or with your sales needs?

Are you focused on short term transaction or  long-term loyalty, turning buyers into advocates?

How easy do you make taking the next step with you?

Do you control – lovingly and respectfully –  the follow-up to the follow-up?

Do you make the next step seamless for them?

Do you provide everything they need so they can feel safe and smart moving to the next step?

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Are you proactive in your thinking, offering a preliminary proposal as early in the process as possible, or wait for them to take the lead?

Do you provide a reason that resonates for them to take the next step or accept your next step?

Delighting customers is a smart sales strategy. It just isn’t the “wow” affect. It’s doing what you say you will, when you say you will, and doing it right. It’s making the buyer’s life easy and revolving all messaging around them and their success. By creating an emotionally appealing and effortless buying process, you create true delight which is a brilliant, sustainable sales strategy to maximize lead conversion.

Do you agree? What is your definition of delighting your customer? How do you sustain it?

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