FOMO – fear of missing out – is one of the most powerful sales drivers today.

Whether it’s a:
“FLASH SALE: Save 55% until 5pm tonight!”,
seeing a pop-up that indicates “Three others are also looking at this same hotel right now”,
or just the knowledge of limited seasonal availability of my favorite Eggnog Latte,
when we believe supply is limited, an originally nice-to-have-item idea transforms into an I REALLY want that.

Whatever it is. I want one. Now.

Years ago an infomercial created urgency (and desire) by changing their words from: “Operators are standing by” to: “If operators are busy, please call again.” The infomercial was selling a Portable Spa. I had been looking for one online for a while lately, and here was the perfect one for me right on tv. As I my thought turned to call asap I thought of the sense of urgency the infomercial was conveying.

Just the implication that the caller may not reach an operator – think of that! – was enough to create a sense of FOMO. Did I also mention how that slight change also skyrocketed profits?

You can read more about in Robert Cialdini’s seminal book, Influence.

But creating a similar sense of FOMO in your offer takes just two words: Still and currently.

These two powerful words shout (but with their inside voice): If I don’t do this NOW, someone else will. So I better do it. NOW.

It’s subtle, powerful and persuasive.

Do your customers feel a sense of urgency when you present your offer?

I’m not talking about the awful phrase: “Space is not currently being held for your event.”

That isn’t FOMO; that’s just negative and rude.

Create a positive, respectful sense of urgency.

“Space is still available and will be held for you as soon as the agreement is issued.”

“Currently, space is still available.”

“Your dates are quite popular though twenty rooms are still currently available.”

Of course, if every room in the hotel is unsold, using this well-documented psychological phenomenon is manipulative and wrong. Don’t do it.

But when there is truth to the statement, creating a subtle sense of FOMO will help you advance the sale and convert the lead.

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