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Your thoughts?

No, I’m not asking for them.

Even if I needed to gain your opinion on something, I wouldn’t ever write “Your thoughts?”


Because that question is ridiculously big. It doesn’t create action, just more thoughts.

Do you just want their thoughts or do you really want to know if they:
would like the topic put on the meeting agenda
would like to discuss further
would like to move forward but modify
have other solutions, ideas, guidance, direction, suggestions?

Help your reader give you the result you want by being specific and clear about what you need from them.


Ask small, easy questions so your reader can quickly respond. When the question is too big, readers archive the message to respond more thoughtfully later when they have more time (which typically becomes never).

Try these:
Is this ok?
Does this meet w/ your approval? (If so, I’ll start the process…)
Would you like me to add this to the Dec 19 agenda?
What changes would you like to see?
Any changes or are we good to go?
Have I included everything important?
Any additions?

The more thoughtful you are, the less you’ll ever use “Your thoughts?”!

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