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Use (or abuse) your sphere of influence

A sales person who had worked for an important client of mine left the company to pursue other options. Shortly after leaving he approached me asking me to refer him to another client.

Because he had truly been a superstar during the training session with client A, and had followed up after the training for even more information, I was happy to explain that to client B. At that point, I stepped out of the communications (but apparently, he contacted B, they met and it was not a match made in heaven.)

Fast forward. He moves from the original city and is now looking for an employer in a different city. He connects with me via LinkedIn (happy to be linked) and then links to me, saying, “I noticed you’re linked in with SC and I’ve tried to contact her but she doesn’t respond. I’d really appreciate it if you would connect us.”

So, I wrote to my client, asking if a connection would be appropriate. Then, I emailed my “friend” explaining what I did and that I would be delighted to make that connection if it’s okay with my client.

Two things happened:
1. My client checked his resume and would be happy to have the intro.
2. My “friend” has ignored my message (sent through linkedin). He hasn’t thanked me, shown excitement or appreciation, or contacted me at all. Even a happy face would have sufficed.

What should I do? Am I being too sensitive? Should I just make the connection without saying anything to anyone?

What would you do?

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