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Whether it’s actually 16% or 40% more, who cares? It’s more.

Every bit of research indicates sellers who use social to sell, sell more and reach more prospects faster.

Yet, according to Rain Group only 25% of sellers bother.


Today is your lucky day!

Boost visibility with social before a networking event.
Post that you’ll be there.
Download their app and upload your photo.
Join and like their FB/LinkedIn pages.
Link with people you meet.
Post photos and positive comments after attending.

1. Boost sales with a social selling plan.
Today – as in now – take a couple of photos of your hotel/products or find photos of people enjoying/using what you offer.
Use your social accounts and post the photo with a few fun words. Content is king and a simple photo can be great content.

2. Prepare a personalized LinkedIn greeting.
Hi Name, Your name keeps popping up as important to know and I’d be honored if you’d agree to connect here.
Hi Name, With so many trusted connections in common, I’d be delighted if you’d agree to also connect.

3. Search for specific people you want to know based on your client persona/avatar.
Who typically buys from you? Create a persona so your key words get meaningful results.

4. Start sending and connecting.
All the prep in the world won’t matter if you don’t start.

Do NOT be a jerk!

The thank you you send (when they accept your connection request) should be just that – a thank you. Do not go for the kill!

Imagine you’re at a bar. How fast is the come on? Unless you’ve had too many adult beverages and if you’re interested in a meaningful relationship, you’re smart enough to go slow.

Same with social.

Cultivate the relationship with content that will matter to them.
Comment on their posts.
Join their groups.

Do not be a JERK!

Before you go…

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