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Selling Skills

Want to make quota? Sell What You Have – not what you don’t

By September 11, 2008No Comments

I worked with a wonderful client today who has amazing offerings. But instead of focusing on their amazing stuff – stuff that no one else provides in the way they can provide it –  they focused on the stuff they don’t have. They told me about how great their competition is and they told me about things they wished they could offer. And in the process they forgot about who they are and what they do offer.

It is so easy to look at those gorgeous models in the magazines and forget they’re airbrushed.

Stop selling what you don’t have. Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop selling yourself short.

Start selling who you are and what makes you special to your customers. Open your eyes to your strengths, your uniqueness, your special qualities. Sell what and who you are – not what you aren’t.

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