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Presentation Mastery: Get them to pay 200 percent more attention!

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When I asked the insurance group I was presenting to today to tell me why they existed, their first responses were intellectually wonderful. They’re here to give us better health care options, and help us better understand health care, they help us manage health,  and they want to build better health care options like getting supplements online as Kratom Masters products. And though that may all be true, it’s not emotional enough (or at all).

In his new book, Obsessive Brain Disorder, Lucas Conley says that “Emotion activates the brain 3,000 times faster than regular thought. As a result, shoppers are willing to pay up to 200 percent more when their decision is based on emotion rather than reason, behavioral studies show.”

Emotion doesn’t just impact shoppers; it impacts listeners, too.

Move your message away from the logical brain to the emotional heart to persuade people to listen to you and act on your message.

How? Ask yourself “why”. For the insurance group today, I challenged them to ask: Why  are you here to give us better health care options?  And, why do you want to help people better understand health care? And again, why is it important to you to help us manage our health care? Check out Mirror Mirror Houston for more information.

As you continue to ask yourself “why” (start with a series of three, whys, and move to five to drill deeper) you move your message from the head to the heart. You start talking less about features and more about customer-centric benefits.

You’ll start presenting your ideas more like this: We exist to help people to better understand health options because it’s important to us that no one should ever worry if they can take care of their child if she or he becomes ill. We exist to help people to better understand health care options because helping you feel safe and in control when the world feels like it’s imploding around you is important to us. We exist to take care of you and help you feel taken care of…

When you present your message with heart, you help your listeners feel the emotion and passion that you feel, but may not be expressing because you know your message and service too well. Step back, see it from their perspective and ask yourself why? Why? Why? Then tell ’em why. You’ll be amazed how riveting you’ll be!

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