“Email isn’t just a response to a request but a strategic tool that can set you apart from others” SpeakerSue

Email, when used strategically, is an amazing tool to initiate, nurture, grow and close business.

But if modern, authentic sales process isn’t understood or applied, email morphs into opening words like, “How are you today?” and “closing” statements like, “Please let me know how I may assist with your decision” and “ Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or thoughts on the proposal.”


How did the lead come to you? Did you have the opportunity to talk? What next steps (beyond the immediate one) did you establish while on the phone? What smart questions did you ask?

Whether you talked or not what makes you think you can actually help with their decision? That statement is like a white flag waving defeat; just tell me what I need to give to you (more concessions) for your business and I’ll do it, please kind sir.

Oh and “feel free” and “reach out?” It is time to update your approach!! Those phrases went out in 2008! (No, really they did!)

High performers ask smart questions, use future focused, positive language and control the next step. They make it easy for the buyer to want to commit and close.

How may I follow up with you?
What is the best way to follow up?
How about if I call you Tuesday or would Friday be better?
If we don’t connect by Friday, I’ll plan to call you then. Will that be okay?

While you’re on the phone, always, always, always, get permission for the step after the next immediate action.

And in email, give yourself permission to make the next step easy, friction-less and simple for them.

To gain commitment and advance to closing the sale depends on YOU.

High performers know this.

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