Brevity may be “the soul of wit,” but it isn’t usually the best option in email.

You’ll agree this email is brief:
Attached is the proposal. Your thoughts?

And awful.

What is the recipient supposed to be thoughtful about? How can the writer expect to get a smart response?

Brevity isn’t key.

Being concise, clear, courteous and caring are.

Eliminate the phrase “your thoughts?”

Instead direct and guide your recipient to give you what you want, or at least an answer that might actually be helpful.
Does this meet your approval or would you like to further discuss?
Are there updates to this information?
Do you agree with this direction?
Am I on the right track?
What am I missing? What else would you like to see included?
Is everything you envisioned included?
Do I have your approval to move forward?

Ask specific questions, start with a pleasant greeting, say thank you…

It’s not brevity that motivates people to give you best results; being respectful, clear and caring are the motivating factors.

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