Selling Skills

What I learned about losing a sale today at the Mercedes dealer

Okay. So we really didn’t need to buy a new car. But our old car needs some major repair work and instead of, as they say, throwing good money after bad, we decided we’d buy a “Baby Benz” and we were ready to write the check. The Jaguar dealer where we service our old car had a great deal and if the Mercedes dealer hadn’t been right across the street, making me feel foolish for not doing at least that much legwork (about 200 steps!), we would have bought the pre-owned car they had, but for this is important to know how cars work which you can learn online if you go here. But we walked across the street. And they had really lovely cars and so we told the guy what our bottom line was, and asked him if he could do it.

Of course that required a trip to the manager. And the nice salesman came back with a price. And then another price which was introduced as “you gotta be happy with this one,” and then still another trip. What else is bought in this fashion? Here is our best price. No here it is. No, really, here it is.

So, we’re exactly $166.42 cents apart and I ask to speak to the manager. And by the time we’re done, just 2 minutes

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