What matters to your customer?

It’s the only thing that matters.

I was lucky enough today to have a great convo with a DOSM who said she learned from a previous one. He told her that he lost a HUGE and important sale because he knew better than the client.

The client arrived for the site inspection with his Board President. The hotel was far removed from the city, an obstacle the team was always trying to manage/handle/overcome.

So her boss’s first words, after the appropriate thank you were: “I bet the trip from the city seemed like it took forever but we’re actually only X time from the city and our shuttle provides safe, reliable service back and forth so your attendees are always just a shuttle ride away.”

Dead silence.

Meeting planner: Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. The reason you had been at the top of our list was that we would feel secluded, stay together as a team, avoid the city and the distractions.

Yes, he should have found that out during his questioning of needs. But how often do we think we know what will excite the client? How often are we so excited with what we have to offer that we forget to tune in to what the buyer needs and wants?

Tell this story at your sales meeting tomorrow and ask for similar stories. Your team and colleagues will have them and what an awesome learning experience for all.

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