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Your prospect expressed interest in your service or product and has now gone to radio silence.

How do you persuade them to give you an update – or better yet – approve or ask for your agreement?

Get them excited (or re-excited) about their success with your solution.

Sounds simple. It isn’t.

It isn’t because instead of building excitement, it’s easier to offer a price concession or imply one.

“If you are facing any challenges with what was offered in the proposal, I would love to work through those with you” is shameful to write.

Why do you think they’re facing challenges? How will you “work through them”?

You might as well put a neon “Get your discount here” sign on your forehead.

Add value by building confidence in their success to make your follow-up email work for you.

To help them see their success, use words that are emotionally sticky and paint word pictures.

Try a version of this, “You can depend on our caring and creative team to make your event extraordinary!” to ensure your follow-up email gets best results.


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