How many unsolicited emails did you delete so far today? Most of those emails were written by sales people trying to prospect to sell something.

What made you delete the messages – read or unread? (Open rates don’t matter if nothing moves beyond a quick skim.)

Here is what likely happened: The writer didn’t build trust. Or care. Or credibility.

What immediately boosts email prospecting success?

Using an authentic touchpoint.

Providing a concise, truthful, customer-centric first sentence.

Don’t pretend to know the prospect when you don’t.

Don’t lie about sending a previous email and did they see it, or any other lie, for that matter.

The only way to boost email prospecting success (beyond having a qualified list and not one built on tchotchke give-aways) is to begin your message with why you’re interrupting the prospect’s day.

How did you find your prospect?

If it was a referral, begin with the referrer’s name.

If it was a linkedin search, explain that truth.

If they downloaded something from your website, tell them you noticed they did that.

If it was from a qualified list, try this:
Hi Name,
Your name was given to me because you (what do they do?) plan events for XYZ.

Being authentic and up-front with your prospects gives you the best chance of piquing their interest so they’ll read your email and enable best results.

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