Selling Skills

You don’t want to buy an ad, do you?

My head smells. The hair dresser/stylist/owner has put stuff on it that is stinky, but powerful. When I leave, I look 10 years younger.

Waiting for his turn, is an “older” man. Truly older. Maybe 80 or more.

So before she is done with me and before the other guy can take his place in her chair, a “sales” guy walks in. He makes the rest of us feel quite young. He slams down about 50 “newspapers” (what a gift!), looks at the three of us, and says directly to no one, “You don’t want to buy an ad, do you?”

I swear. This is exactly how it happened. She says, “um, no, thank you,” and we try not to look at each other in the mirrors, or laugh out loud. He walks out and the waiting 80 year old says, “I think he needs some sales training.”

Oh yes.

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