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Congratulations! Your email was good enough to get a response from your prospect.

Except the response isn’t what you wanted.

“Not right now”.

Yay! They didn’t say never, they said not now. How sweet it is! (Even if they did, these 3 sentences still work.)

Do not – do NOT – ask when you can follow-up. They have already been kind enough to respond. Don’t make them think more.

Do not – do NOT – ask what their priority is right now. What gives you the right to bother them – and ask for more time – again?

(1) Thank them for their transparency or for getting back to you. (They deserve it and you should mean it!)

They have already told you “now” isn’t good but things can change. Tell them that.

(2) “Because things change, I’ll plan to reconnect <when>.”

Then add value.

(3) This post from <SpeakerSue> rocks and you also might find it helpful/fun/interesting. Enjoy! 🙂

You’ve likely already connected with them on LinkedIn, so continue to add value with smart posting and commenting.

If you’re being told to create pain or make them work by asking for more info, you’re being told wrong. Mic drop.

Before you go—
The whirlwind is behind us and the future is bright! With two-thirds of buyers preferring remote interactions – digital and virtual – polishing your email selling skills is key to dramatically improving sales.

It’s time to stop sending email after email only to be ignored! You can write quick, strategic, smart messages that get results and drive sales!

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