My 5 year old granddaughter asked me to play “King and Queen” with her.

“You’re the Queen, okay? And I’m the King.”

“Okay,” I said and proceeded to give my first decree. “King, do this…..”

“No,” she said. “You’re just the Queen! You can’t tell the King what to do.”

The thing is, when I was growing up that would have been perfectly acceptable. But to hear it come from my granddaughter was startling.

“Of course, she can. And she is!”

Which got me thinking about the language we use in emails (and conversation) that needs to be changed now. Because adapting our language to include everyone is the right thing to do, and smart business.

Here are the phrases I’ve become aware of using and have replaced:
Ladies and Gentlemen (Use their names, Everyone, All)
Manpower (Workforce)
Grandfathered (Legacy)
Pow wow (meeting)
Tribal knowledge (Institutional knowledge)
Blindspot (Missed opportunity)
Walkthrough (Review, site, visit)
Crazy (Ridiculous, hectic, silly)

What words are you changing?

It’s exciting that language enables us to be thoughtful and respectful! And also to Hail the Queen!

In Memoriam to Her Majesty, HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

Before you go—
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