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3 Tips to Upsell: Would you like cucumbers and tomatoes with that?

Upselling may be the single easiest way to increase revenue. Once a customer is committed to the purchase (they’re seated in your restaurant, booked the hotel room online, selected your company to perform X service), they are far more likely, according to Robert Cialdini’s extensive work in the field of persuasion, to say “yes” to another offer from you. Once we are committed, we don’t like to turn around and say “no”. (Principle of commitment)

Every single sales person should feel comfortable upselling. Not to be manipulative but because you know your customers will, without a doubt, have a better customer experience because they’ve added on…whatever.

The best way to help customers have the best experience is to speak to them as if they will, of course, want this upgraded experience. (Because they will!) They’ll want the top shelf offer because the top shelf is absolutely a better experience than the standard. (It is, isn’t it? If it isn’t, then what you’re doing [in my book] is nothing short of fraudulent.)

But if I know, in my heart, that my customer will be happier and have a better experience, then shame on me for not offering that elevated experience.

My son and I were at Pita Jungle the other day and when we ordered our hummus appetizer, the (excellent) server simply said (knowing we would), “Oh, and would you like cucumbers and tomatoes with that? They’re fresh and delicious with the hummus.” Why, yes, thank you. Cha-ching. (Our $4.50 appetizer became a $6.50 appetizer.)

Yesterday, I brought shoes in to be heeled, and the girl behind the counter said, “Oh and would you like to condition and polish these shoes? With your new heels, they’ll look like brand new.” When I hesitated, she added, “And it’s only $8.50 to do it – so worth it! They’ll look like new.” Cha-ching.

When my client’s book my services, I know that a one time training might not affect permanent change. It’s an event that provides the tools and confidence to apply new sales skills but changing ingrained habits is hard work and takes more than one event to do it. So when I suggest a follow-up webinar to refresh skills and hold the team accountable, or books as resources to help them continue their learning, I MEAN it. Oh, and yes, cha-ching (though really and truly, I practically give webinars and books away because I believe they are so necessary to help learners apply what they learned, stay motivated and get questions answered after they’ve had a chance to use the skills in the real world).

Here are 3 Tips for upselling:
1. Know you’re doing the right thing.
2. Connect what you have to sell to the benefit to the buyer.
3. Know they’ll be happier with their experience because of your offer.

How do you upsell?

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