How many sales people, revenue managers and general managers does it take to overcome a difficult objection?

Only one.


#1. To be successful at “overcoming”a difficult situation (or person), stop thinking about it as “overcoming.”

“Overcoming” means to defeat, beat, best, conquer, trounce, thrash, rout, vanquish, overwhelm, overpower,


Change your back story. You’re simply answering their questions.

Add a dash of compassion. Their meeting/asset means a lot to them. Don’t take their (pointed) question personally.

Change your words. Infuse positivity and care.

#2. Don’t sugar coat (don’t be inauthentic).

Talk about the gap.

Acknowledge the elephant in the room,

Stay future focused. Solution-sell.

#3. Put them at ease. 

When responding to their questions, use words like:

“You’re right about … and…”

“Thank you for allowing me to clarify”

”Thank you for asking for clarification.”

Help the “difficult” person feel safe and smart, and you will “overcome.”


Your numbers and policies are what they are.

Don’t get defensive. Even more, do whatever you can to ensure they don’t feel defensive.

It’s the way you present the numbers, policies, situation; the way you respond to questions asked that will either advance the sale and gain buy-in, or not.

Overcome difficult situations and people by overcoming any tendency to make them wrong or to show off how smart or right you (or your numbers) are. Overcome by stop trying to overcome and show compassion and care instead.

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