Care + personalization = engagement

Personalize your touchpoint.
Evoke authentic emotion.
Make the next step friction-less.
Delight with a vision statement.

The equation starts with caring enough about their success/happiness/delight/comfort instead of your passion for your product or desire to make a sale.

Should you ever cold email today?

No and maybe.

Here is the maybe: If you have a DOS who gives you names of hundreds of qualified buyers and insists you send them something this week, use a great template and look for a new job.

You can create a pretty decent knowledge-based prospecting email that elevates your offering, creates a bit of distinction and enables a friction-less experience to maybe gain attention and traction. You know what they say, “If you throw enough against the wall, something will stick.”

But something shouldn’t be good enough for you.

And most leaders aren’t that unreasonable.

So don’t send “cold” emails.

Sixty seconds of smart research will change everything for you. Personalization can increase results by 40%.

Every bit of warmth you add (respect, care, authenticity, customer-centric focus) creates a desire to read further and maybe even take the next step with you.

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