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4 Ways to Build Business Right Now

Most likely you already know this. But is a reminder so bad? 

If you want more business:

1. Keep clients happy. Do what you say you will, when you say you will, better than you say you will. This is no time to promise the stars and manage the nightmare. This is the time to underpromise and overdeliver. That’s what keeps clients happy and loyal.

2. Ask for referrals. Did you remember that study that said that the gorgeous girls had the fewest dates? People figured that they were so beautiful that they didn’t need any help getting dates. So they sat home, usually too prideful to let anyone know they were sitting home. Don’t let your pride get in the way. If you don’t remind customers and clients that you’re never too busy for their referral, they just may think you are. Say for example you have a business that handles Custom Boxes, then you can apply this by reminding them how versatile your business is, and the situations in which it may be smart to use your services. They will keep this in mind and refer you when relevant.

3. Add value. The salon were I have my hair cut also offers facials and stuff. When they called to confirm my hair appointment, they also told me that facials, normally $130 were now $90. Don’t lower your price! Offer two for one, or two and the next one for half-price, or one plus a bath soap. Remember BOGO: Buy one, get one. Everyone is doing it and though I usually recommend if everyone else is doing it, you shouldn’t, do this. Make it your own, of course. But BOGO works. Try it and tell me.

4. Look for additional opportunities. I just read that most sales professionals penetrate just 15-20% of the sales they could make in each company. Lots of opportunities to sell and service. Ask your contact who else you should be talking to. It’s amazing how easy it can be.

What are you doing to build business? Share please.

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